Board of Directors: Aegli Vafea, Ioannis Vafeas, Andreas Athinodorou (

Tel: 0035799990778/ 0035797648702/0035799377607(CY)

Artistic Director: Ioannis Vafeas (

Communications & Promotion: Aegli Vafea (

Registered Members: Andreas Athinodorou, Demetris Moraitis. Ioannis Vafeas, Aegli Vafea

Since we are a non-profit organization our Volunteers Team is very important to us! With their support they make it possible for our artists to be on stage every year!

Thank you Antonia Vafea, Demetris Moraitis, Marios Vafeas !


Media: Pavlina Neophytou

IT Consultant: Stefano Rusmigo

Photographer: George Savva (email:, Tel.: 99776830)